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I’ve been pretty quiet on the blogging front for some time now… there’s a lot to fill you all in on… so grab yourself a biscuit, settle down and read on…

For those of you keeping tabs on me through Facebook and Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been a busy little bee of late and I have to admit, I’ve been having an absolute blast, and this is what I’ve been up to…

Wedding shows:

We kicked off wedding fever with The Dorset Wedding Festival at Holton Lee. This was our wedding festival debut, and oh my goodness was it fun, OR WHAT!

Dolled up in our new Bo Boutique aprons, we rocked up in the BoMobile van which was bulging full of exhibition pieces and, some might say more importantly, copious sandwiches for the troops! (Thank you Father Bo for the home made bread!)

I can honestly say that I didn’t expect to have quite so much fun…but then again we spent the day meeting tonnes of lovely brides-to-be while talking about flowers… so you know, its pretty hard not to enjoy that kind of shizzle!

Some of you there will have seen me hunkered down behind my stall, making a huuuuge floral head garland, and then scurrying off never to be seen again, while leaving my capable Bo Dolls to man the fort… I was working on a photo shoot that afternoon, so apologise for not getting to meet all of you in person…

I’ve now happily guzzled tea and discussed wedding flowers with some of the lovely ladies who came to see us on the day, so all in all you could say that The Dorset Wedding Festival was a resounding success… roll on next year!


I’ve been working on some STUNNING editorial work too, kicking off with a photo shoot for blogging sensation, Wedding Sparrow.

Now, I’m not a massive wedding dress obsessive, (as a single gal, I think this is pretty healthy!) But, this shoot was showcasing the New Claire Pettibone wedding gown collection and, ahem, I now fear I may be on the slippery slope to becoming one of those crazy women, who buy their wedding dress before they even buy  find the groom! VELVET, is all that I am going to say on the matter. #clairepettibonerehabrequiredurgently

We styled the shoot in The New Forest, the sun was shining (although perhaps not as feverantly as our beautiful model would have liked… £6k wedding dress clad model, swaddled in bright orange fleece rug and faux fur purple robe– an interesting look, but not to be scoffed at by any means… who knew pink hair would make such a resurgence, so let’s not diss the lace / fleece look, quite yet… En vogue, non?!)

The shoot revolved around a lone tree, atop a hill looking over the forest below. It was stunning, especially as the sun began to lower, casting a dusky sun kissed haze throughout the entire forest. It was so still, and so beautiful.

Sara of Wedding Sparrow got her hands on some gorgeous antique dining furniture, and I created a table runner of fresh moss, topped with a gargantuan of flowers spilling out of a stone urn. I hate to blow my own trumpet but, “TOOOT TOOOOT”…. I LOVED making the pieces for this shoot, they looked so damn pretty and I’ve had some really wonderful feedback from all over the globe. Exciting times! The colours were rich, the style was voluptuous organic avant-garde glamour, the dresses were divine, the model; sickeningly beautiful, the fine art photographer; shooting on film, the Floral Designer and Stylists; Awesome! Keep your eyes peeled for the full set of images which will be launching the new Wedding Sparrow blog, in the coming weeks. In fact, just get your ass following Wedding Sparrow. This girl has style and taste to rival pretty much everyone!


A few weeks ago I was interviewed for a feature in More! Magazine. The article was ‘Spotlight On Floristry’ and I, along with a super talented peer of mine; Rebecca Louise Law, spilt the beans on our careers and the industry. It was great to be approached for a project such as this, I think we each managed to give a real insight into our profession, as well as share just how hard we creatives actually do work!

I do often chuckle to myself at the reaction I often receive when I tell people that I work with flowers; I’m sure the common misconception involves some kind of conjured imagery of me, dressed in tie die, brandishing a handful of gladioli in a Morrissey-esq manner, while dancing to This Charming Man… When in reality my working day often starts at 3am in a huge fridge, clad in thermals and bobble-hat with thorns imbedded deep in my weary hands, and sleep being a seemingly unattainable luxury! But this, is my absolute element…

(The Smiths are never too far from my stereo, so I guess the conjured imagery has slight relevance, at least…!)

Catwalks and Gold

On the morning that the More! article went to press, I was approached by an events company who wanted to commission me to create a jaw dropping installation for a London catwalk runway show! Excitement buzzed around my workroom as sketches and plans were hatched! With only three weeks notice, all hands were on deck. True to form I wanted to make something OTT, and I wasn’t going to settle until I made it happen… and so to the dismay of my helpful Bo Dolls, I unveiled my intricate sketches of what I intended to make… two 9 foot tall metallic gold trees, which will meet in the middle with the tips ever so slightly touching, to form a canopy over the catwalk runway. I wanted to make the trees life like, using fresh foliage and flowers, but at the same time garishly theatrical, whimsical and exceedingly over the top!

…Hard graft ensued!

Yes, my hands were gold plated for the entire three week period and thereafter, BUT who doesn’t love gold thumbs?! I mean, who ever turned their nose up at being given a thumbs-up, let alone a metallic gold one…?!

The trees looked better than I ever could have imagined, and seeing them come to life after weeks of dedicated and sometimes back breaking work, was immensely satisfying!

The trees became the talking and focal point of the event, which was The Big London Wedding Show at The Devonshire Terrace. I felt very chuffed indeed, and we got rave reviews … Flower Porn

So if you know anyone who wants to inject some OTT gilded gold glamour into their wedding or event, then you know where to come! ;)

A night at the Museum:

After being invited to the Floriculture private view at The Garden Museum in London back in February, I’ve been lucky to have spent subsequent time at the museum and, last week worked with them on their Floralia Competition. The competition was open to all floral creatives, and the brief was; to push the boundaries of avant-garde floristry by creating a floral arrangement that explores the link between floristry and fine art (right up my street, obviously!)

I was asked to select from the array of applicants, the shortlist of finalists who got to go through to the competition stage and create their installation pieces. These were then judged by TV presenter and self proclaimed stylist, George Lamb (or GGL – (Gorgeous George Lamb) as I like to refer to this part silver fox / part Savile Row clad, Adonis) as well as Nikki Tibbles, founder of Wild at Heart and Christopher Wood, Waitrose Floral Designer.

On the Horizon:

And so this brings us to today; a sunny hay fever rich Monday, The 1975 on my stereo, cup of earl in one hand, sketch pad in another, planning my upcoming spring wedding pieces while having a mini disco in my seat, (interrupted by the odd intermittent sneezing fit…)

No doubt I’ll go a little quiet again for a spell, while I work on my cornucopia of weddings coming up over the next few weeks but, rest assured, I’ll be back to let you all know how our harbour side, Cornish dairy farm, and country manor weddings went. In the meantime, here are some fab people who I’ve met over the past couple of months, and whom I implore you to follow, watch out for and work with, wherever possible…

Wedding Sparrow – Sara Russell

Divine Day Photography – Sandra Von Riekhoff

Aneta Mak – Fine Art Photographer

Over and out for now. See you on the other side of The Spring Wedding Bo Fest…


  • Sara Russell

    Love this! I like these insights into your busy schedule :) And I always promote blogging when you can include words like “cornucopia”… ;)