Wowsers, I’m pretty embarrassed at how long it’s taken me to write a blog post… Quite honestly, I’ve been keeping myself so busy in the real world that I’ve neglected to tell the blog world all about it. Shaaaame on meeee! So in a long winded nutshell (!) I’m going to give you a round-up of a few major things that have been happening since my last bloggy ramblings… hold onto your hats, they’re pretty flippin’ marvellous…


Paris happened – Trusty sidekick Sara Russell of Wedding Sparrow and I, have become somewhat of a duo over the past year and a bit… (we now joke that her and I have been to more romantic destinations together than her and her husband… sorry Andy… she’s mine now!) So with suitcases full of Claire Pettibone dresses and flowers (never before have I been more nervous to go through customs, than with a suitcase packed to the rafters of flowers and olive branch,) off to Paris we went to meet up with AMAZING film photographer, Laura Gordon. I generally refrain from using the term ‘amazing’ at all costs… but in this instance it’s highly necessary. We spent two days hopping / dashing around Paris with Sarah Miller a makeup artist who’d travelled from Spain, and our gorgeous real life couples dressing them, and Paris with flowers galore. We made so many beautiful images and we had so much fun… perhaps Sara not quite so much considering I stopped her from being able to shower the entire time, due to me filling our bathtub with my precious flowers! Sorry Sara… priorities n’ all!!


While we were in Paris I received one of the best emails of my career yet – a personal email from Once Wed telling me they had been keeping an eye on me and my work for some time, and that they were looking to extend their vendor list from being purely US based, to worldwide. They wanted to ask me whether I would consider being their first recommended UK based Floral Designer & Stylist. My eyes popped out of my skull with every word that I read! I am now extremely happy to say that I am part of the Once Wed family alongside some other fantastic talent out there. Check out my page on their gorgeous site


Then Rome happened – Last December two very wonderful strangers contacted me, going by the names of Buffy Dekmar and Jessica Santos Gallo, they told me all about this idea they had to create a fine art film photography workshop with a difference – they were going to aim it at like-minded women in the profession of film photography who wanted to nurture, inspire and learn from one another with Buffy as their mentor, and with Rome as the stunning backdrop. Their reason for contacting me…even better… they wanted me to be a part of their Retreat Gatherings Team, asking me to bring the whole retreat experience to life with all kinds of floral goodness. I could ramble on at you for an eternity about what an incredible experience Retreat Rome was, and about all of the wonderful and inspiring women that I met and worked with (and taught how to make flower crowns!) Not to mention the whole experience being topped off with the real life elopement of the couple who had flown all the way from the USA to ‘model’ for us… I get teary just thinking about it. Needless to say I boarded my plane back to London beaming, with a warm and fuzzy glow inside me (possibly 50% due to wine and pasta consumption…) richer in dear and lifelong friends from all over the world, and brimming with excitement for a possible Retreat Gatherings 2014…! Check out our feature in Elizabeth Anne Designs here


What next… ooh yes I only went and got myself some lovely assistants! Two gals, who I must simply describe as pure and utter hard working delights, contacted me at various stages in 2013 and 2014 to ask whether they could come and work with me to get some experience in event floristry. These two have since become friends and trusty sidekicks, and quite honestly without their help at doing all kinds of menial tasks that I ask them and my Bo Doll family who, quite honestly astound me with their dedication, hard work and support, well the Bo’s work would be slightly less Bodacious…! Thank you, you know who you all are xxxx


Styling as you all know is where my passion lies, not just in the context of floral styling but in event and editorial styling. I’ve been privileged to have curated my own styled shoots and been commissioned to style some brilliant events over the past year, from an Australian wedding with barely 6 weeks’ notice in the grounds of the Natural History Museum, a no expense spared luxurious wedding at Larmer Tree Gardens equip with sprawling handmade archways decked in moss, twisted willow, flowers and vintage lace and hanging ceiling installations as far as the eye could see, to catwalk runways in London, lavish corporate events in the Square Mile, and editorial fashion shoots that would make your eyes water. My own styled shoot in the heart of the Abu Dhabi desert with camels as model extras was a particular highlight. Quite simply, as a stylist, I have had a BLAST!

Just wait until you see what styling work we have in the pipeline for 2015. I couldn’t dream of some of the work I have been commissioned to do in the coming 12 months, so watch this space…


Oh yes, I also made a wedding dress! Turns out I’m quite nifty with a needle and thread… it all stemmed from a styled editorial shoot that I was curating in Hampstead Heath – I couldn’t find a dress that I could see in my mind’s eye – huge and floaty in candyfloss blush pink, but with an edge of couture… so, I made it! It consumed my life for about 100 hours and resulted in much sweat, blood and my model almost wetting herself after I made her stand in it for 3 hours as I pinned it together…! But it was an enlightening experience, and one that I am definitely not going to shy away from again. Bo Boutique wedding dresses anyone… (You think I’m joking… ;))


I’ve also worked on some beautiful styled shoots curated by some other talents in the industry; Francesca Caddeo, UK Academy of Wedding & Event Planning, Wedding Sparrow, Fine and Fleurie, B.Loved, and on the not so distant horizon with Illuminated Collective and Flourish & Prosper who, have scooped me up as their Partner… so keep an eye out for the F&P girls… they’ve got some impressive stuff up their sleeves and the best bit is, I get to be a part of it. Result! Read my exclusive interview with F&P


The next big news is that yours truly and my work are going to be published in a book. A real life book! One with a front cover, some pages and a back…A BOOK! This excites me beyond compare. From somebody who has spent the majority of her life with her nose in a book, dreaming of writing a book, fantasising about one day owning an emporium bookshop with a florist and artisan coffee shop all housed under one glorious roof… receiving an email from a publisher telling me they had seen some of my work featured online and they wanted to put it in their new book, well, you can imagine my joy. Need I say more…? OTHER THAN WHEN THIS BOOK IS ON THE SHELVES, BOY OH BY ARE YOU LOT GOING TO HEAR ABOUT IT!!!


So you can kind of see why and how I’ve been keeping so busy, and I think I’ll leave it there for tonight. This weekend I’ll be working with the Knot & Pop girls to turn our vision into a reality at Home House in London’s Mayfair… my 7 months of collection peach coloured antique glassware is coming to fruition.

So until next time my scrumptious readers, I shall bid you adieu. It’s nice to be back in my bloggers seat… I think I’ll do this more often… ;)