Monday Musings…


‘Monday’s aren’t so bad, it’s your job that’s sh*t!!’

I saw this quote on Instagram this morning, and it really made me cackle!…

Then I carried on snaffling my muesli with a twinge of smugness in my gut, and finished writing my monthly article for B.Loved (published next Monday, so keep your eyes peeled for that!)

While tapping away at my keyboard I thought that I had also better up my blogging game and keep writing for a little while longer, about the latest happenings from the Bo HQ. So here we go… I always seem to write retrospectively and harp on about how wonderfully, and crazily busy I’ve been, but I never seem to stop and write in the moment or indeed about future projects. So I thought I’d write a little bit about what’s been happening, and what’s happening right now.

Life at the Bo HQ is just ruddy brilliant, as always I am so busy and so eternally grateful for it.

The past few weeks of fashion house press events are done and glamorously dusted, and the SS15 collections of many great designers have been nestled next to Bo Boutique Flowers galore. Excited is an understatement when I received a personal tweet from Vogue and Stylist UK to congratulate me on my floral installations at VARG which, I must say were my favourite.

This weekend saw me back up a ladder at The Lost Garden bar in Bournemouth, which has become somewhat of a second home to me! Every time I step foot in that place I feel a rush of pride and sense of accomplishment when I look at everything that Lewis (my partner in Lost Garden Crime) his team and I did, to create it. From the sawdust covered empty building that stood before us all a year and a half ago, to the sensory kaleidoscope overload that it is today, I can’t help but feel a wave of satisfaction, and excitement for our plans for the future (all top secret for now folks!) The blood, sweat, burns (multiple!) tears, sleepless nights, and mid-morning power tool wielding dance offs to boost morale, were all so worth it. So if you’re in the area, head on down to see our latest transformation…. BUT first, I have a plea…  PLEASE DON’T STEAL THE FLOWERS! I have risked life and limb teetering off many a ledge and ladder, and have permanent scars to show for the hours, days, weeks that I have spent installing these pieces all over the walls and ceilings, so PLEASE don’t take them… otherwise I WILL hunt you down. CAPEESH!

Ahem, back to my less aggressive side…

Next on the agenda and as I mentioned earlier, I am part of the newly unveiled team of writers for the flippin marvellous B.Loved blog. I’m so thrilled to be joining some incredible talents in this delightful industry of all things stylish! I’ll be scribing my monthly musings for y’all to read on the 24th of each month, my debut being the 24th November. You know what to do… Put it in your diaries people!

Today plans have been hatched and sketched for the Look Book that I’m styling for the ever talented Erin of BerinMade and her new collection. So watch this space. I am planning some serious pretty for this one!

I am also planning something EPIC! Annoyingly I can’t tell you too much as it concerns one of my readers who is going to be sprung a bit of a surprise, and I don’t want to spoil it! But let’s just say that something pretty damn awesome is being cooked up at Bo Towers, and all will be revealed in the new year. Whoop!

Now to domestic matters…The Bo HQ itself is having a slight revamp…now I’m never one to over dramatise things… ahem(!) but, read ‘slight’ as ‘MEGA RENOVATIONS ALERT’! As some of you already know I’m in the process of renovating the Bo HQ, and as a result I am fast becoming fluent in all manner of builder speak – this week I’ve been learning all about boiler pumps and partition walls. It really is an education. Floral Designer come Builders Assistant? I think there’s certainly a gap in the market for that…

And so from muesli snaffling to wine consumption, I think it’s now time I got my beloved thermal socks on and guzzle a pinot… Over and out for now kids xx

Photo Credit: My WONDERFUL and silly friend, Katie Decker Hyatt. She told me to run on the Heath… so I ran, and I laughed, and I almost fell flat on my arse…!