Inventions for AJB – Cold Nose, Warm Heart!…


Dear Beloved Cohorts, I have a sincere request.

Will somebody please, develop the following inventions…

1)      The Nose-Muff.

I like to imagine this as being of a similar vein as the well established Ear-Muff, only the Nose-Muff would somehow sit unaided, over the end of ones schnozz and be made of the finest, warmest, softest fabric known to man.

You see, I suffer from the mildly debilitating and self coined term of, ‘Constant Cold Nose’!…

2)      Second and third on my wish list are, a pair of gloves AND socks which have a small heated contraption nestled into the tips of the fingers and toes, allowing your hands and feet to function at a nice snug temperature, while your fingers tips and toes are HOT HOT HOT!

So if somebody would kindly fashion me a collection of fully functioning prototypes of the aforementioned, I would be MOST GRATEFUL!

Better still, if anyone is aware of these items already being out there in existence then please god, tell me as a matter of utmost URGENCY…

AJB; she is cold, she is in her flower workshop, and she is considering tracking down a foam Comic Relief Red Nose while dipping her finger tips into hot wax…!

Much obliged,


AJB – Cold Nose, Warm Heart ;)