New Year’s Resolutions


2014; what a year you were!

2014 Was a challenging year; it exceeded the bounds of those limits that I thought I had already pushed.
It was the year that at times made me pinch myself, it made me proud, exhilarated, passionate, powerful, enthused, excited, vulnerable and exhausted!

It made me realise my worth; in myself, my time, my craft, my abilities and my business.
It made me strong, and it earned me respect. It empowered me to say “no” more confidently, leaving me open to say “yes” to the things that really mattered.

I booked more new clients than I have ever done before, I worked on more events than my previous years combined, I broadened my client base into the fashion industry which, has been a goal of mine for some time.
My 2015 diary is now full of events and challenges that the ‘me’, of a few years ago could only dream of.

I was patted on the back by peers who I’ve looked up to for years, I was approached by novices asking to work with and learn from me… even one offer from someone willing to move from Spain to London if there was a chance to work for me!

I met and worked with even more astoundingly talented people within the creative industry who have broadened my visions in a work and personal capacity, and who I shall keep in my heart for life.

I became a Features Author, a Partner, a Sponsor and a Preferred Vendor of some esteemed wedding industry contemporaries. I had my work featured in numerous online publications and magazines… not to mention a shoot I worked on appearing in Vogue Paris!

I made my first editorial wedding dress… then I made four more! I was given my very own sewing machine and dressmaker’s mannequin. I brought my dream van (VW Transporter) I brought my dream house renovation project… I freaked out over my dream house renovation project, (turns out living in a building site is rather chaotic for the soul!)
I laughed a lot, danced a lot, I met a chap that makes me smile a lot. I wrote a wish list for 2015, and it goes a little something like this….


My Wish List for 2015:

Some of these things on my wish list are already in my diary, some are not too far from reach, and others, well a girl can dream, right…!?

• The Basics: I’ll start with the obvious and quite frankly most important; health and happiness … say no more.

• Teaching: I want to expand my consultancy and teaching. The Bo Boutique Academy (I haven’t decided on the official title yet, so we’ll call it this for now!) has been a longstanding concept of mine that I dip into every so often, when taking interns and apprentices under my wing. But I want to accomplish what I have always set out to do and that is develop a solid training structure, offering floral design and event styling workshops to those either in the industry and wishing to expand on their skill set, or to complete novices with a creative flare.

• Styling: I’m known first and foremost as a Floral Designer, and primarily in the wedding industry, however I am also an Editorial and Event Stylist. I shout less loudly about this part of the business; however this is where my creative juices truly flourish, and where I would like to take the business further. So to do this I must shout louder, I must promote and brand myself clearly and I must encourage those around me to see the whole package and promote it too! My 2015 diary has some really exciting styling work booked in which, I can’t wait to share and use to showcase this element of the business… and I hope this year will bring more creative styling work my way too.

• Fashion & Set Design: This is an extension of my styling work, and I want to broaden my client base further in these industries. Weddings will always be a huge part of my business, but fashion editorial styling and set design is my driving force. In 2014 I worked with a number of fashion houses to create concepts and floral instillations to sit alongside their SS15 collections, as well designing and making a catwalk runway for a bridal boutique. I curated many of my own editorial shoots to showcase designer pieces and next season look-books, and in 2015 I want to do more of this. A lot more of this.

• Seamstress Bo: I want to develop my sewing skills. I want to make more dresses and accessories. I want to have more of my dresses featured in publications.

• Travel: I hope that my work will allow me to travel more and work on even more destination events, styled shoots and workshops. In 2012 my work took me to California and Australia and in 2013 to Paris, Berlin and Rome. 2014 saw me styling editorial sessions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Berlin (again!) and my 2015 diary already has editorial shoots and styled events scheduled for Dubai, Barcelona and Texas. I hope to never stop travelling for my work, and I hope to be seen as a destination stylist.

• Writing: I want to dedicate more time to writing regular blog posts. I want to continue to write for the blogs of which I am a contributing author. And most of all… I’ve always wanted to write my very own book! I want to achieve this, and make time to compile quality content for it. I want one day for this dream that I have had for so many years, to become a very real and tangible reality. We’ll see…


I feel like it’s greedy if I have any more wishes, so I’ll keep it to these for now! Speak to me again in 12 months time and I’ll let you know how they worked out for me…

So for now I shall continue to work hard towards my 2015 aspirations, and wonder fondly of who and what the year ahead will bring me. All the while looking at the bulging diary that is my schedule for the coming year, and with that, the cacophony of mixed emotions that doing so brings…
Exhilaration, excitement, accomplishment, pride, a mind awash with creative ideas and a pair of fidgety hands wanting to start work NOW, a twinge of trepidation, a little fear that I might fail in being all of the things I want to be to people, and a hope that I won’t let myself down.

(I could of course have sugar coated it, and not mention those last few feelings which, I’m pretty certain are common vulnerabilities felt by anyone running their own business, and can sometimes be a little scary to say out loud… But there we go, I said it!)

Happy New Year folks, and long may this pungent cocktail of exhilarating terror and spine-tingling excitement for the known, and the unknown continue to fill my veins… Here’s to spending the next 12 months happily intoxicated by this fine tipple!

Love A x


  • Fiona Kelly

    Wonderful post. Great aims for the year ahead and it sounds like you are on the right track to achieve them if 2014 is anything to go by.

  • Caileigh Langford Kyle

    These are awesome resolutions!! Best of luck for a successful year :)

    • Bo Boutique

      Thanks Caileigh! :)